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Monday, June 26, 2006

Robert Pollard Live In Pittsburgh Videos

Hello everybody! I am back in San Francisco after an exciting whirlwind weekend. Feels good to return not only to my adopted home, but to the written word here on the blog. Speaking on an answering machine (or on the phone in general) has never been my forte, as you can now guess! I was also profoundly tired most of the weekend- all the driving coupled with jet lag made it a real marathon.

Had a million emails to catch up with this morning but I did manage to upload all of the aforementioned videos on my camera to YouTube. And I have some pretty great photos to share which I will tweak in Photoshop shortly.

A full review of the Pearl Jam/Robert Pollard show in Pittsbugh with videos and photos will be forthcoming. But in the meantime, I want to post some of these videos to give you all a taste of what I saw, as promised. The sound is quite awful and not synched up exactly (an unfortunate function of YouTube)- hopefully I will get some better audio to put with my video sometime soon (the PJ clips will soon have pro audio thanks to their downloadable bootlegs). But the clips are still pretty neat...

Along with the Bob show review, other diversions during my vacation are worthy blog fodder. Upon returning to New Jersey on Saturday evening, me and my brother Dave went to see the Fab Faux at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank. The Fab Faux are a unparalleled Beatles cover band comprised of many talented musicians. And the show was great. Plus I finished Chuck Klosterman's third book Killing Yourself To Live on the flight to JFK. So more posts are a brewin'. Until then!


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