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Friday, May 09, 2008

Robert Pollard Interview Reveals New Band "Boston Spaceships" And Fall Tour News!

Wowa-wee-wa! Huge news in the world of Bob! In a new interview with Billboard Magazine, Robert Pollard discusses details about the making of Off To Business and Guided By Voices Inc., a completely new band called Boston Spaceships, a full-fledged tour with Boston Spaceships and another new Circus Devils album! But don't take my word for it.

Regarding Off To Business, Bob sez...

"I made the album purposely into more of a classic rock-styled record, where I was a little more disciplined with my songwriting approach. Almost a semi-prog rock record, although it's a pop record too. Kind of in the vein of Peter Gabriel’s first solo album. It's a starting point."
And Bob almost released Off To Business as a new Guided By Voices album (a very good sign)...

"But then I thought it might be construed as I’m trying to capitalize on the name to sell more records -- and I didn’t want it to appear that way. My manager decided, 'Why don't we call that the label -- Guided By Voices Inc.?"

And the possibility of GBV Inc. releasing other band's albums is mentioned. One band that will definitely be on the label is the mysterious new Boston Spaceships...

"I continue to work with Todd Tobias, and we do the Circus Devils thing -- we have a Circus Devils record finished, and we've got another one we're going to work on soon. And I've got another project that I'm not really going to go into, because I want there to be a little bit of mystery about it – a new band I'm forming called Boston Spaceships. I'm not quite sure who's going to be involved, but I plan on that being my new band."
And I have it on good authority that Boston Spaceships will be Bob's touring band in the fall (a full-fledged tour including Dayton and Boston, at the very least)...

"I think I'm going to out in the fall -- after I have this album and a couple of more things finished, and I have a lot of material to work with. My goal is I don’t want to play anything I've played live before live. I know a lot of people expect ... 'Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory' and 'Cut-Out Witch' and things like that. I've been doing things like that for so long that I'm sick of doing that.... I want to play not necessarily mostly new stuff, but the older songs, I want them to be obscure -- like songs from 'Suitcase.'"
Exciting news all around! Can't wait to hear who exactly is in Boston Spaceships (ex-GBV members? The Ascended Masters?), what will be on the Boston Spaceship debut and where the tour will bring us the Bob.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shit yeah, it's cool!

5:57 PM

Blogger johnmoore said...

hey! your blog is pretty amazing. quite a project you're tackling. i wish you the best of luck and i look forward to reading more.
i was wondering if it would be ok if i linked up your page to my own blog -
(basically covering music that i've been involved in over the years). you know, in the links section. let me know and best of the best and a salty salute to you.

5:40 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Thanks John! Absolutely you can add me to your blog links.

Things have been pretty hectic of late- got a new job at Lucasfilm and various other complications. So progress on the comic itself has been sluggish. But I try to keep up with the Bob news that I hear on the grapevine and pass it along.

Really enjoyed your music and blog- keep it up and a salty salute right back at you...

11:52 AM


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