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Friday, March 28, 2008

Robert Pollard - Weatherman And Skin Goddess EP Available For Pre-Order

The first single off of "Robert Pollard Is Off To Business", Weatherman And Skin Goddess, is now available for pre-order from Rockathon Records! The limited edition EP (1000 CDs, 500 12" LPs) due April 15th is also the debut release on Pollard's new Guided By Voices, Inc. record label. Word is that Weatherman And Skin Goddess is just as rockin' and catchy as the previously released Off To Business single Gratification To Concrete. Along with the title track, two non-album tracks Kiss the Quiet Man and Coat Factory Zero will be along for the ride. Don't sleep on this one, kids!


Blogger Christopher said...


2:51 PM

Blogger Phil said...

still waiting on my copy. :( Living in the Presidio, my mail is slower than most.

What's your impressions so far, Bob fans? Everything I've heard is very positive, especially the b-side Coat Factory Zero...

9:44 PM


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