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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Psycho And The Birds - We've Moved Available For Pre-Order And Preview MP3 Download

Hey now! The next chapter of Bob Pollard's 2008 musical wonderland (check this link for the full tracklist), Psycho And The Birds' We've Moved, is now available for pre-order from Rockathon Records! In keeping with the previous P&TB releases, Pollard has turned over a bunch of boombox demos to producer/collaborator/multi-instrumentationalist (is that a word?) Todd Tobias. And as in the past, songs from this side project end up on future big releases. So it's a interesting peek into Pollard's songwriting process. And the word from Rockathon HQ is very promising...

This time around they totally nail the process, and if the music world actually allowed artists like Bob a chance to have a hit, this album would actually be chock full of them. Songs like I Love a Revolution and Enon Beach are filled with undeniable likeability and pop goodness. Bob even pulls out some lyrics that he said he first wrote as a kid in the song She Tears Out.

In some ways, Psycho And The Birds are becoming to Robert Pollard's solo albums what Robert Pollard solo albums were to Guided By Voices releases. It's a more user friendly Psycho And The Birds, more charming.
Sounds delicious! And keep in mind that, as usual, the vinyl is limited to 500 copies. So don't dilly-dally.

If you are still not sold, check out this free mp3 download of Enon Beach. And the rest of the tracks on We've Moved can also be previewed in 30 second chunks on Amazon (but the fastest and best way to order a physical copy of any Pollard side project is through Rockathon, trust me).


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