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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reminder: Doug Gillard / Stewart Pack With Superdrag Tour Begins This Weekend

If you live in Chicago, here's a friendly reminder to go check out the Superdrag reunion tour this weekend! Doug Gillard will be on lead guitar with Stewart Pack's band as the opening act, perhaps playing some of Doug's songs too! Here are the dates and venues for the tour...

Oct 13th 8PM Metro - Chicago, Illinois
Oct 19th 8PM Barley’s Taproom - Knoxville, Tennessee
Oct 20th 8PM Barley’s Taproom - Knoxville
Nov 2nd 8PM The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza - New York, New York
Nov 3rd 8PM Paradise - Boston, Massachusetts
Nov 8th 10PM 9:30 Club - Washington DC

And go check out this Knoxville Daily Times article about Gillard and Pack's collaboration and the upcoming gigs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil- Are you O.K.? I haven't seen a new post in a while. Nothing about Bob's 50th birthday party and the YouTube videos that were posted from it. I'm concerned, you see your blog is one of my main sources for Bob news. I created a profile at Disarm the Settlers but I wasn't granted access to any of the discussions and now I can't even log-in anymore. I think the powers that be kicked me out, brushed me off as not a die-hard fan which is far from the truth. I've been rocking to GbV long before John Sellers was even jerking off to Morrisey. (I read his crap book)

Anyway, hope is all well. If you're still going to the only two shows this year please take a video camera and make some posts on YouTube and your blog. If Bob would only take his show out a little more I'd be there, but I can't afford plane tickets and hotel rooms. I can't count the number of times I've driven hours to see GbV and slept in the back of my Jeep. Ah, the good old days.

Ironically, Dinosaur jr. is playing Dec. 1st blocks from my apartment at an excellent club. It will be their second show there in a year or so. Can't hardly wait. When I saw GbV in Jacksonville, FL supporting Earthquake Glue they played the shityest little punk rock club(Jack Rabbits). It was a great show though, they played Wild Horses and when they were done they all had to cut through the crowd and exit out the front door because there was no backstage area. I gave Bob a huge bear hug and high fived the whole band, it was actually a great night.

Keep up the posts,
Captain Kilowatt
Jacksonville Beach, FL

I'm Captain Kilowatt on Skype too.

4:07 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Thanks for checking in, my friend! Been a complicated time for me- many distractions keeping me from the blog and other important things. And like Alex Ross recently said, "I started blogging out of an urgent need to procrastinate." So I have gotten some drawing done. :D

Dunno why DTS would have kicked you off- that stinks. I'm certainly not the coolest kid on there, especially when I was just a lurker.

And it also stinks that you will be missing the shows. I should be making some clips with my trusty Canon Powershot, as usual. My videos from Bob's birthday are still trapped on my camera. For unknown reasons, the USB ports on my crappy old laptop no longer work.

Hope you enjoyed the new posts and keep checking in!..

10:48 PM


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