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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Richard Buckner / Doug Gillard - A Chance Counsel Live Video (Updated With Improved Audio!)

I feel like I'm always having to apologize for a lack of posts these days! In my defense, my so-called computer has been acting really screwy since late last week, making my internet connection extremely unreliable. Plus, I have been quite busy working on Pop Zeus along with a couple other art projects... of which I am not at liberty to discuss just yet. But I will. And they are cool! Stay tuned, true believers...

In the meantime, here is an update to an old post. I had the privelege to see two Richard Buckner/Doug Gillard gigs here in San Francisco last year, which I wrote about at the time. But the video for "A Chance Counsel" made at the first show had the typically sludgy blown-out audio only a Powershot can produce. And it bugged me.

Lo and behold, I got my hands on the soundboard audio. And yesterday, with the invaluable assistance of fellow Gargon Terror blogger Sean, I was able combine the two. The end result is a massive improvement! Without a doubt, A Chance Counsel is my favorite Buckner song and this is an amazing performance. Check it out...

PS- The clip cuts out at 3:00 because my camera only takes 3 minutes of video at a time. To preserve the full audio length, a blank slate was inserted into the clip until the video was back up and running.


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