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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Cleaning Ladys (Featuring Young Jason Narducy) - Give Up On My Girl Video

Feeling groovy and more alive after a fun kung fu class last night. Its weapons week, the final and my favorite week of every month. Unfortunately, we didn't work with my newest weapon, the spear. Its almost too long to fit in my 2-door Civic- must be rather comical to see me extricating an 8 foot Chinese spear from the passenger side door...

Here is a blast from the past, 1982 to be exact. Chicago's own garage rockers The Cleaning Ladys blast through Give Up On My Girl. Reminds me of Michael Jackson's Thriller track The Girl Is Mine, where Michael and Paul McCartney (are there two less likely Lotharios?) sort of fight over the same girl.

Except in this case, the rival in question isn't an ex-Beatle. Its 10 year old Jason Narducy, from Robert Pollard's own Ascended Masters! Not exactly sure what I was doing as a 10 year old in 1982 (same age), but it sure wasn't rocking out like this (more likely wasting countless hours in New Jersey video arcades)! Fun song, cool video and young Jason demonstrates guitar chops and stage presence far beyond his years...


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