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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Circus Devils - Sgt. Disco Available For Pre-Order, MP3 Preview And Videos!

You might be wondering where the heck I've been. Let's just say I've been a busy little bee- working on Pop Zeus and... other stuff. Had to completely rewrite a chapter of Pop Zeus inspired by the EC horror comics of the 1950's. It resembled too much what I would normally write and less what that "usual gang of idiots" would have crafted. The story is much better for having be reworked, in spite of the delay. Anyway, on to pressing matters...

Sgt. Disco is real! On July 24th, Ipecac Recordings will unleash unto the world Circus Devils' latest creation. And this very minute, you can pre-order Sgt. Disco with our friends at Luna Music! Let's just say this is the Circus Devils record every living or dead earthling should own. And rumor has it that before too long, Rockathon Records will be making a double vinyl set of Sgt. Disco available for those of you so inclined. Stay tuned!

And while we are all patiently waiting for the 24th, there are a few ways to catch a sneak peek at the record. Paper Thin Walls, a music blog, has a review and mp3 available for download of Sgt. Disco highlight Swing Shift. And a streaming version of In Madonna's Gazebo can be found here. Great tracks! To top it off, those lovable scamps at Circus Devils have already created two surreal music videos, War Horsies and Bogus Reactions. Enjoy, folks!..


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