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Monday, May 28, 2007

Guided By Voices - Pantherz Video (Sound Burger Edition)

If you had to choose just one Guided By Voices song to demonstrate their pure rock power, you be hard pressed to top Pantherz! And the amazing thing is that among casual GBV fans, the track is not terribly well known. The version of Pantherz heard here has only appeared on the Jellyfish Reflector live vinyl bootleg and a 7" that came with Rebound magazine.

This clips primary purpose is a handy demonstration of the Sound Burger, a nifty device from the 80's that plays, amplifies and now digitally transfers vinyl (with the help of only 3 C batteries). The fellow digging through the crate of Guided By Voices and Pollard records is also the creator of a Sound Burger tee-shirt, which is seen being silkscreened at the end. Obviously a big Geebs fan (is that an original Propeller I see at :27? drool...), the video creator wasn't able to slip one little mistake past me! The red vinyl in the Sound Burger is Nightwalker's In Shop We Build Electric Chairs, not Jellyfish Reflector, where one would hear Pantherz. But its a minor continuity error only a nerd like me would care about. Great clip, Tom and keep rockin' the Pantherz!

Debbie X, I love you so
But there's one thing you should know
If he comes 'round here again
I will have to take my teeth out


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