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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Robert Pollard - The Numbered Head Video (Blood Jewel Conspiracy Bootleg Version)

I am a busy brother these days- sorry for the lack of posts. Between ramping up my kung fu training for June's black belt test (subject of an upcoming post), stressing out about said test and doing what I can for Pop Zeus, posting has become a woefully low priority.

So as a stopgap measure, here is an intensely creepy and cool conspiracy-laden unofficial video by Blood Jewel/Digital Doom Animations for Robert Pollard's The Numbered Head. The song is definitely a highlight of 2006's triumphant From A Compound Eye. And it played really well here in San Francisco last year (Bob jokingly claimed because of the long jam in the middle, heh). The darkness of this video's imagery really meshes well with the intensity of the track. Check it...


Anonymous steve said...

Thanks, that was cool, it adds drama and a sense of fear & loathing to the song. I knew McCartney was behind 9/11, the scales fall from my eyes.

12:24 PM

Blogger Phil said...

lol- yeah, Paul (or should I say Faul) is behind a lot of the evil in the world. Does the name "Wings" ring any bells?

9:40 PM

Anonymous steve said...

I actually really like 'Wild Life'.
But that's as far as I go!

12:12 PM


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