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Monday, April 09, 2007

Unemployment Is Good For Art (Pop Zeus Status Update)

No news is good news, kids.

LOTS of stuff happening since I spoke to you last about my personal life and Pop Zeus. As of March 31st, I have officially been on hiatus (aka unemployment/the dole) after three and half long and hard years in production of a preschool animated program for the Disney Channel. Its a well-earned and desperately needed break. Looking back, I seriously believe that I have been suffering from extreme burn-out for at least a year (those who work in tv and/or film will understand this is no exaggeration). Coincidentally, I have been working on Pop Zeus for a year, which explains why its not nearly finished yet.

The good news is that I have nothing but free time to dedicate to Pop Zeus! I should be able to survive for at least a month or so with my savings plus unemployment (which sadly equals the pay rate of several retail jobs I have had). And work on one of the Pop Zeus chapters is full steam ahead as I write this. With any luck, I should be spending less time blogging and more time creating the comic!

Plus, with my black belt test on the horizon, I really need this time to recover from my exhaustion and get in as good shape as possible. I feel mentally prepared. But the physical aspect needs some work. I am already stepping up my classes, working toward three or four a week.

The dark side of all this is that I had a very exciting, almost dreamlike, perfect job opportunity in tv production fall in my lap a couple months ago (I am being purposefully vague just in case this opportunity pans out in a different way). But it was not to be. I did very well in my interview, my resume was aces. But in the end, one other candidate for the position had more related experience than me.

But transitioning right into a new job might have very well killed your fearless author. So its really for the best that I find myself on the couch, watching The View with Cheese Doodle orange painting my fingertips...

I should be back here later this week with my review of Silverfish Trivia, which I have been enjoying since Friday, when it hit my mailbox. Until then, excelsior my brothers and sisters in rock!


Blogger XRayLexx said...

All looking good mate. Keep up the good work.

12:12 AM

Blogger Phil said...

thanks Lexx!

9:28 PM


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