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Friday, February 16, 2007

Tobin Sprout - Awful Bliss Live Video

Its Friday, time for another lazy video post! Speaking of lazy, been feeling really run down the last few days and the thought that I might be catching a cold crossed my mind- many people have been sick at work, contaminating everything... the selfish bastards. So I've been downing Airborne like there's no tomorrow (it's surprisingly seems to work, if taken prior to actual symptoms- and I am the biggest herbal medicine/supplement skeptic). But lo and behold, tonight I have a sore throat. And it's the Friday before a three day weekend here in the U.S., our so-called Presidents ('s/s') Day (all presidents? just the two headed Washington/Lincoln hydra? just another excuse for a mattress sale?). Ack!

There to help soothe my troubles is this atmospheric black and white clip of Tobin Sprout and his band performing Awful Bliss at Schuba's in Chicago. Originally appearing on 1994's Bee Thousand, Awful Bliss is one of many fine Sprout contributions to Guided By Voices albums of that era. And the song perfectly captures my current state of being this gloomy evening.

See you on the other side of sickness, brothers and sisters in rock!


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