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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Doug Gillard Demos On MySpace

Wanted to give y'all the heads up that Doug Gillard, guitar hero, has been updating his myspace page over the last few weeks, cycling through a bunch of new demos for your listening pleasure! Awesome stuff all around. The tracks that really jumped out at me so far are No One Above You and Time Is Nigh, but they all surely rock.

Salamander, Doug's debut solo album is easily one of my favorite records of the last few years. And it still occupies a regular spot in my CD wallet. So it is with great excitement and baited breath that I'm enjoying these new songs. Keep doing what you do, Doug!

(And I know myspace is kinda twee, overrun with horny teenagers, fake celebrities and those who stalk them. But as a music fan, it's a great place to stay up to date with your favorite artists. Guided By Voices is very well represented, with pages for Gillard, Jon McCann, Tim Tobias, Robert Pollard several times over, Todd Tobias, Tobin Sprout, Nate Farley, and Mitch Mitchell.)

On a side note, sorry for the lack of posts of late. Been feeling wiped out from work and generally uninspired. The good news is that I'm feeling more lively this week. And I have a fun mega-post on the way to celebrate the one year (yipes!) anniversary of this blog and project. Stay tuned, true believers!


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