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Friday, December 29, 2006

Meet The King : Asshole 2 - Available Now!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays! I am transmitting from my dad's computer here on the Jersey Shore, having a rather groggy (jet lag plus burn out) but enjoyable time off. I was just now surfing the net and found out some great news that warranted a news flash from my blogging slumber. Robert Pollard's second stage rant comedy album Relaxation Of The Asshole 2: Meet The King is now available through Rockathon Records! Here is the tracklisting...

Side One

Rock and Roll Soldier
I'm The Frog
Johnny Appleseed/Insane Asylum
Dick Pants On
Old John Meyer
300 Toes and Heavy the World
The Heart, The Lungs & The Liver Of It All
God Gave Us Rock and Roll

Side Two

The Hateful Fred
Burt Bacharach in Reverse
Buy Me A Shirt
Screw Foot
Song About Your City
Get Wasted
I Like To Give Beer To Kids
Blaze of Fire

Of course I have already ordered up my copy and you should too while supplies last. Like the previous comedy record, Meet The King is a vinyl-only 1000 copy limited edition and should prove quite hilarious... or in the words of Rich T, at least "funnier than Tenacious D" (heh heh). And while you are at Rockathon, check out the other cool Bob merchandise including tee shirts, stickers, Eat literary mags and other Rockathon exclusives.

And for more info on upcoming Pollard releases, please check out my previous post on the subject. See you all in 2007 A.D.!


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