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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Strokes - Someday Video

More about where I've been and what's been going on later. For now, it's Friday so let's have some fun! You may be wondering why I am showcasing a Strokes video on this blog. Well, because Guided By Voices are all over it! The two bands had become friendly after GBV invited The Strokes to open up for them (helping The Strokes to gain more exposure before they hit it big). So in 2002, the Someday video was shot in LA while GBV were in the midst of their Universal Truths And Cycles Tour. Doug Gillard, Nate Farley, Tim Tobias, Kevin March and Bob Pollard can all be seen goofing around in the bar with the Strokes, and then later competing against The Strokes on the set of Family Feud. Apparently, Guided By Voices won the real Family Feud game, but had to appear to lose because it was the other bands video! Enjoy the clip and I'll see you on the flip side...


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