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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

NPR's Song Of The Day? Supernatural Car Lover!

(fake Normal Happiness cover courtesy of DTS and matted pelt)

For one day only, NPR has chosen "Supernatural Car Lover" from Robert Pollard's upcoming Normal Happiness as their song of the day! Nice little write up on the album and song as well- check it out here. I am super excited as we approach the release day, exactly one week from today. And remember, if you pick Normal Happiness up at either an independent record shop or through Luna Music, you will get Moon (the live album) for free! Huzzah!


Anonymous steve said...

I think it's a grand and wonderful thing, for Merge and RPollard to give the indy record stores a little shot in the arm. And I hope many others follow their example!

6:43 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Indeed. Its usually only the big box chain stores that offer free goodies with the purchase of the newest thing, adding to their already huge sales. Rare for a record company to pimp for the little guys.

2:03 PM

Anonymous steve said...

Not just the Big Boxes, but freakin amazon dot com, etc.
In my town the local indy record store is an important player in helping to promote outside events - concerts, film festivals - etc (a long list)
As well as providing a second home for people like me!
If they ever go under, I don't see anyone around to pick up the flag.

5:03 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Same here in San Francisco- Amoeba is my home away from home and famous for hosting some great mini-shows, including GBV. If they go under, there are few other comparable options- even in this big city.

Will be stopping by a few places after work today to see if I can get Normal Happiness and Moon! Will post my thoughts as soon as I do...

3:05 PM


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