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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

James Kochalka On Guided By Voices

Someone on Disarm The Settlers found this sweet little comic strip and posted more info on where it could be found and what show this would have been, but damn if I can't find the original post. What I do know is that it was created by the extremely talented cartoonist and indy comics guru James Kochalka. And I know the exact feeling conveyed here, all too well. At the last Robert Pollard show in San Francisco, I swear my hair was blown back by the volume coming out of the bass amp. And at one GBV gig a few years back, I lost hearing for more than a day from Doug Gillard's stage monitor. Good times...


Anonymous James Kochalka said...

That is from my daily diary comic strip, American Elf, which runs online at and is collected in book form by Top Shelf.

Top Shelf can be found at

7:57 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Ah-hah! Thanks for stopping by to clarify, James. Great stuff as always.

11:42 PM


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