Chronicling the creative process for Pop Zeus, the forthcoming Guided By Voices/Bob Pollard tribute comic- including sketches, concepts, finished art and whatever else is in my brain at the moment.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random Pop Zeus Character Designs

Went to the Richard Buckner/Doug Gillard show here in San Francisco last night and I had a blast yet again. Do yourself a favor and see this tour! Also picked up Buckner's not-yet-released cd Meadow at the gig, which features both Doug Gillard and Kevin March (both of Guided By Voices fame, of course). Will post more about the show and album as soon as I can.

With my kung fu out of commission, I've had some extra time to do character designs for Pop Zeus! Don't want to spoil things, so you will just have to guess who these folks are and how they fit into the comic. And of course the designs are subject to change by the time I get to the finished page (and all this stuff be copywrited, so don't even think about it, haters!). Enjoy this peek into the design process and let me know what you think!


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