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Monday, September 04, 2006

Teenage FBI - Rare Live TV Appearance Video

Teenage FBI is truly manna from pop heaven! First time I heard this mighty tune was over crappy computer speakers at the Butte Montana United Way back in 1997 (this will make a whole lot more sense after you read Pop Zeus), downloaded as a preview from It was the Wish In One Hand lo-fi version and I can clearly remember how happy it made me. I instantly knew it was one for the ages.

Here is rare clip of Guided By Voices performing Teenage FBI on Australian TV back in 1999. Great to see Jimmy Mac pounding the skins once again. And Doug tears through the solo and provides solid harmonies throughout. If only the cameraman wouldn't keep cutting away from Bob every time he jumps!

Hope those of you out there in the US are enjoying your holiday weekend. Got some sketches to scan and share- stay tuned and cheers!


Anonymous steve said...

Very tight performance! You're right, you can see Bob making his angry -I'm-about-to-do-a-fuckin-legkick face, but then we don't see the kick.

4:32 AM

Blogger Phil said...

It is indeed a tight performance and great incarnation of the band- the early days of the Gillard, Tobias, Farley guitar attack with Jimmy Mac still hanging in there. Sadly, I missed seeing Jim on drums until the very last show in Chicago. I was trapped in Montana in the late 90's, what can I say? ;) Thanks for stopping by, steve!

2:59 PM


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