Chronicling the creative process for Pop Zeus, the forthcoming Guided By Voices/Bob Pollard tribute comic- including sketches, concepts, finished art and whatever else is in my brain at the moment.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just Dreaming...

Lots of Pop Zeus news to follow, I swear... ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

103 dollars!! You're going to need a lot of lawyer wig filling the seats at those prices, champ.

6:37 AM

Blogger Phil said...

LOL- good point. I had originally set the price at an even 100 clams. But with ticketbastard involved, 103 seemed more arbitrary and unfair.

I forget how much the tickets for the final show in Chicago were. But I was kinda going for that one-night-only superfan price. And Bob's got bills to pay, especially with all those guest stars! :)

9:56 AM


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