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Thursday, July 06, 2006

6 Months And Nothing To Show For It!

I'm just messing with myself with that post title but wow, is it already July? I am definitely trapped in the fast-forward time machine lately. Longing for the extremely drawn out and boring summer days of my youth when I had nothing to do and all the time in the world not to do it. Like they say, time flies... blah blah blah...

The real reason behind this post is not to complain about being busy, it's to get you up to date on the progress of Pop Zeus! Took some time this weekend for more research on the Illustrated History of Guided By Voices section of the comic. There were some gaps in the timeline that needed to be filled- particularly between the release of Propeller in 1992, which was to be GBV's swan song and their signing to Scat Records and the eventual CBGB's coming out party for the New Music Seminar in 1993. The details are very sketchy as to how and why GBV were discovered by the big city likes of Matt Sweeney, Thurston Moore and eventually Robert Griffin from Scat. Even Bob Pollard himself had difficulty explaining how GBV's records ended up in the hands of those influential people and the band's fortune started to turn around. But I did manage to piece together what I could and the additions are helping to bridge the gap.

As stated before, the band history section of the comic is quite ambitious and has required a lot more work than originally anticipated. There are still a couple more sources I would like to include, but I have already gone through one edit of the section, chopping away a lot of the fat. So it is really winding down quickly and should be locked and ready to draw before too long (he said hopefully).

Also spent some time on designs this weekend. Thought about bringing in my sketchbook to work and scanning some designs to post. But some things I don't want to spoil just yet. The stuff I've been working on is pretty specific and would give away too many plot points just in the viewing. What I can say is that I did some cool designs for an evil dude dubbed "The Enemy" for the 3rd Illustrated Song. 'Nuff said!


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