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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Groggy Visions Of Bobzilla

As my comedy hero Mitch Hedberg might say, goddammit anyway! Argg! I just got off the phone with a very condescending "banker" at Wells Fargo's 800 number because I am getting reamed up the yin-yang by bank charges this month. Granted, it's primarily my own damn fault. But if I had an inkling of what was going down, I would have taken steps to stop the bleeding sooner. And I have learned from my banker roommate that the big corporate banks are lovin' making money hand over fist from overdraft charges from Johnny and June Paychecks like me (BTW, I am terribly low paid in spite of working on a nationally televised tv show). The bastards.

Recently heard that Wal-Mart might be getting in the banking business. And as much as I hate Wal-Mart as a concept, providing banking for many lower to middle income people who otherwise would never get a checking account is a much needed service. And I say more power to them. Even if you can get an account, big corporate banks could really give a rip about people who make less than 30 grand a year, hell more like 75 grand a year. And it's sickening to see all the high interest, low morals 'payday advance' shops popping up in every low income neighborhood the last 10 or so years, preying generally on good people in tough circumstances. There has to be a better alternative. And Wal-Mart could be just that, strange as it sounds (though I have a disturbing vision of people direct-depositing their checks into Wal-bank, only to spend it all at Wal-Mart, the Wal-grocery and the Wal-McDonald's. Perhaps they should issue Monopoly money-like Wal-bucks?)

Anyway, I didn't intend to just rant about money today, sorry. Had a really busy and exhausting week at work so far so not much real progress on the comic last couple days. But, while I was at the dentist for my six month cleaning the other day (thank god for health insurance) I had a brainstorm, a moment of inspiration.

In my interview for the forthcoming Harp magazine article (T-minus one week- yipes!), Randy the writer wondered whether I would be casting Bob and the boys of Guided By Voices in the roles of superheroes for Pop Zeus. Even though it's a terribly logical question, I had never really considered doing something like that. It seemed maybe too literal, or just untenable. How could I put the band in those inflated roles, when what I appreciate most about GBV is that they are regular guys, not goofy superheroes like KISS or something? There was something appealing about the thought though (and GBV are my superheroes in another sense).

I had been subconsciously rolling the idea around in my brain for weeks, wondering if I could give GBV superpowers (didn't fit) or perhaps put them in a kung fu movie (along with all my other interests, I am a kung fu film aficionado- Bob's kicks seemed to be the only binding element that worked). And that very day of my teeth cleaning, I had been listening to my Want Some Get Some GBV mix for the post below. And replaying some of the songs in my head, coupled with Randy's question and the subconscious influence of the doctored fan photo above (just remembered this) all blended into a groggy headed vision. Out of nowhere, the seed that had been planted in my brain sprouted forth- I had it!

Half asleep with my eyes closed, I saw in my mind Bob singing My Son, My Secretary, My Country (which I totally love) from Earthquake Glue. And the part at the end where it starts to kick-ass "future employers... cowboys and lawyers...and we all will be warriors" (damn I love that part). And right there I pictured Bob raising up his fist on the "Rahhhhhhhhh!" and suddenly growing, crashing through the ceiling! Can you say Ultraman? Godzilla? Kikaida? Voltron? Then as I'll Replace You With Machines kicks in, I saw a giant robot menacing the city, controlled by little business men who must be defeated!

A new song story for Pop Zeus was born! :)


Blogger Scottish Toodler said...

I like WAMU. I've been everywhere else. I hate WF.

3:07 PM

Blogger Phil said...

What up, st! Hope you are having a cool weekend. I actually have another checking account with Washington Mutual, but its just kinda sitting there with 11 bucks in it. I need to get that one going again- you are right, they seem like one of the few banks who treat their customers like humans. The aforementioned banker roomate is a Wa-Mooer, and she's cool and they have this new WAMU checking thing that sounds good.

The only thing stopping me is the ease of transfering money directly from my WF checking into my WF credit card. Lazy, I know. :)

10:19 PM


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