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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My GBV Mixes #2- "Want Some, Get Some"

Hi-ho! Made this kick-ass mix back in 2003 for twofold reasons- to indoctrinate a friend of mine into the world of Guided By Voices and to express the loss I was feeling at the time. Since it was for a totally green GBV listener, I was trying to impress her with the variety of Bob's musical and production styles, while keeping it poppy enough to hook her in. And even though I wasn't making it for myself, it has become one of my favorite GBV mixes. It completely captures how I was feeling at the time and for the last few years. Make it for yourself and let me know what you think!

"Want Some, Get Some"- 24 songs, 1.2 hours

My Son, My Secretary, My Country/ I'll Replace You With Machines (Earthquake Glue- smashed these two songs together into one track on my little laptop, a real noisy bombastic opener- RAH!)
The Flame That Cries (I Am A Tree EP- underrated b-side, my theme song)
Subspace Biographies (Waved Out- this song kicks fuckin' ass, 'nuff said!)
I Am Produced (Mag Earwhig)
Society Dome (Mist King Urth- reminds me of Simon and Garfunkle, sort of)
Mascara Snakes (Beard Of Lightning- am I the only one who thinks this song is awesome?)
Learning to Hunt (Mag Earwhig- an important song for Pop Zeus, hint hint)
Mannequin's Complaint (Wax Dummy Meltdown) (Bulldog Skin EP- I love this song, esp. when the guitar kicks in)
Messenger (Suitcase 1- "I wanna be your boy, your messenger")
Tear It Out (Suitcase 1- this song kills me, "finding out our love was none of us")
Meet My Team (Not In My Airforce)
Edison's Memos (Choreographed Man Of War- so brilliant and sad, one of Bob's best)
Drinker's Peace (Same Place The Fly Got Smashed- "organize my world, my world is pointless and chaotic")
Alone, Stinking and Unafraid (Ask Them- "I'm alone, I'm on the Conan O'Brien show, and I'm unafraid")
Action Speaks Volumes (Earthquake Glue)
In Walked the Moon (Suitcase 1)
Christian Animation Torch Carriers (Universal Truths and Cycles- top 10 Bob's best, easy)
I Can See It In Your Eyes (Suitcase 1- very bubblegum, very sad)
Choking Tara (Mag Earwhig- "shove it 'cause I'll just stay, like a lonely unwanted stray")
Go For The Answers (Suitcase 1- weird, sad farewell song)
If We Wait (Sunfish Holy Breakfast- "if we wait for our time, we'll all be dead")
I Am A Scientist (live) (X Fest 99- classic song, kick-ass version)
Beg For A Wheelbarrow (The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet- B-side that should've made the album)
Island Crimes (Kid Marine- great closer, great song)


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