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Monday, March 27, 2006

Everyday I Write The Book

Sorry for the lack of posts last few days. Had a very productive but fast weekend and an all too hectic Monday at work. Got a lot of writing done, including entire the Bob Story section of Pop Zeus all in one long 4 hour spurt Saturday evening (I have no life). Pretty much nailed down the styles I would like to emulate for the section as well. Had a great time with this one, so much more fun (and way less draining) than the autobiographical stuff. I won't spoil the details, but the 3 or so page section is an actual Bob story he told me and the band at a 2003 record signing here in San Francisco. It was such a cool story and Bob's such a natural storyteller that it totally stuck in my mind. And it was one of the first things I thought of for Pop Zeus.

And yet again, physically writing out my recollection of the story brought up a lot of details that I had forgotten, enriching the story ten-fold. Very exciting! In fact I have filled up an entire journal, my "Grail Diary", for this project and had to go buy another on Sunday. And I killed two pens this weekend as well- a good sign, I think.

So looking at the big picture, the bulk of the writing for Pop Zeus is done. Here is a story by story breakdown culled from the Adding It Up post from a while back that I keep referring to. Most of the info still applies, with the status of each section in bold.

GBV MVP profiles- 6 pages- WRITING STARTED (most of the research done)
Secret Origin of GBV- 3 pages- WRITING STARTED
My GBV Experience (in 3 parts)
-Enlightenment- 3 pages?- WRITING DONE
-The Search for the Holy Grail- 3 to 4 pages?- WRITING DONE
-The end of GBV- 3 pages?- WRITING DONE
Illustrated Song- 3 to 5 pages- WRITING ALMOST DONE
Bob Story- 3 pages?- WRITING DONE
Fun Page- 1 page- WRITING STARTED (not much to do)
Cross Section- 1 page- WRITING STARTED (not much to do)
Illustrated Song Part Deux- 1 to 3 pages- WRITING STARTED (not much to do)
Possible 3rd Illustrated Song- 1 to 3 pages- WRITING STARTED (not much to do)
Fake Comic Ads- 3 to 6 pages?- WRITING STARTED (not much to do)
Out of the Mind of ????- 1 page- POSSIBLY ABANDONED?

Total estimate: 40ish pages

I think I will be able to start the art for one of the Illustrated Song stories relatively soon! Still need to print out a bunch of reference articles, photos and art from the internet for many of the stories, but that's what work is for, right? ;)

Will post again tomorrow! (nearly T-minus one week to the Harp article!)


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