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Friday, March 24, 2006

Pop Zeus Article In Harp Magazine, April 5th!

Big news! I am jumping out of my skin because Pop Zeus will be featured in the May issue of Harp Magazine, out on newsstands April 5th! Harp is a relatively new, mostly alternative music magazine and I've had the chance to pick up the last few issues here in the city (should be found at your local Borders, Tower Records or any decent magazine shop). And it's great- lots of Robert Pollard coverage too.

No clue as to whether it will be a full article or a blurb, but either way it will be huge publicity for the comic! I am expecting a ginormous jump in visitors to this here blog in the first few weeks. Thinking I might have to warn the good people at Blogger- wouldn't want to crash the blog.

Quite concerned that new visitors to the blog will be expecting the comic to be complete, wondering how to order it. Hopefully it's clear in the magazine that Pop Zeus is a work in progress. The timing of the article is something I have no control over, as well. May have been better if it came out in a few more months, but who could complain about this kind of exposure? I know the hardcore faithful GBV crowd will stick it out with me to the end. And if we lose some fair weather people along the way, that's alright by me.

Also added some Adsense ads to the sidebar over there---> in anticipation of more traffic. Please click on an ad to help support the printing of Pop Zeus. I will be fronting the dough for the printing (thousands of dollars), so every little bit helps. Thanks in advance!

And go check out the My Big Day post from a while back to get the lowdown on the interview I gave for the article. The writer, Randy Harward was extremely laid back and cool, a real pleasure to talk to. Hoping that the publicity might parlay into some kind of distribution deal for the comic. We shall see.

Huge thanks to Bob, Rich and the entire GBV family for making this project possible! And extra bonus thanks again to Dave at for getting Randy in touch with me! Cheers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the mag. In the cultural drift in which I live I may have to resort to the Internet as a source. Barb in the sands

6:14 PM

Blogger Phil said...

yeah, Harp is not as easy to find as Rolling Stone or Spin unfortunately. Borders definitely carries it though, so check with them if you aren't too far in the hinterlands. Whether or not the article will be a part of their website is doubtful. But, you never know. Thanks for writing!

10:10 PM


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