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Monday, March 20, 2006

My GBV Mixes #1- "Tiny Music"

Heya! It's a groggy drizzly Monday morning here in the San Francisco, perfectly appropriate for the following mix I whipped up a few months ago. Just to warn you, I consider myself a Guided By Voices mix making master- king of the ultimate sequence for every occasion, hence this mix post series. Upon listening to Suitcase 2 starting last October, I realized that a lot of my favorite songs were of the dark, spooky and acoustic variety. And at the time my mind was dark and spooky (and acoustic?), so a mix began to formulate in my mind. Assemble it yourself, give it a spin and let me know what you think! It's one that I've learned not to partake in when I'm already feeling down, so listen at your own risk...

"Tiny Music"- 13 songs, 30 minutes

You're Not the Queen Anymore (Suitcase 2 Disc 2)
Double Standards Inc. (Not In My Airforce)
Color Coat Drawing (Suitcase 2 Disc 3- this song makes we weep openly)
It's Only Up To You (Suitcase 2)
Sinister Infrared Halo (Suitcase 2)
Supersonic Love Funky Love Gun (Suitcase 2 Disc 2- unbelievably brilliant, make me grin then laugh out loud the very first listen)
Metro XVI (Suitcase 2 Disc 2)
beautiful plastic (Acid Ranch- As Forever- damn I hope you were able to get a copy of this, if only for this track!)
Party (Not In My Airforce)
Happy At The Drag Strip (Suitcase 2)
Did It Play? (Not In My Airforce)
Breadcrumbs For The Whales (I'm A Strong Lion EP- great track that makes getting this import EP worth it)
Stingy Queens (unreleased version or Suitcase 2- I prefer the unreleased version with the loud volume spike, but either does the trick)


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