Chronicling the creative process for Pop Zeus, the forthcoming Guided By Voices/Bob Pollard tribute comic- including sketches, concepts, finished art and whatever else is in my brain at the moment.

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Holy Grail

Once upon a time, a boy journeyed out of his cozy hidey-hole across the mountains, rivers and valleys of a great land in search of that one thing that would complete him. That one object that forever escaped his grasp. That one and only vinyl 45 that contained the extremely relevant and geeky pop song "Matter Eater Lad", previously only barely glimpsed as a drunken chant on the bootleg Crying Your Knife Away. He had to have it. For it was his quest. His mission. His crusade, as it were and as was his wont. And along the way, he discovered something about himself, something unexpected, something magical...

And he got laid.

(perhaps from the forthcoming chapter of Pop Zeus, entitled My Holy Grail)


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