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Monday, March 06, 2006

I Smell Oscar!

Rushed home last evening from my favorite cafe/automat/table-for-one hideaway to watch the annual pat yourself on the back fest known as the Oscars. Sucky thing was that I was on a really good jag of writing, outlining in detail what's shaping up to be the heart and soul of Pop Zeus- the three part My GBV Experience (see the Adding It Up post below). I think this section of Pop Zeus will allow me to really show how much Guided By Voices has meant to me over the last 10 plus years, which is exciting. That's one of the most difficult things for me so far, how to convey in the comic book (or sequential art, if you go to college) form how Bob's (et al) music makes me feel, how it has seen me through many dark days and why it has resonated so much for me.

Anyway, so there I was, transfixed by the pageantry of the Oscars booming forth from my 12 inch Sony. To be honest, I love award shows of any stripe. Hell, I've been known to watch the People's Choice Awards, or even the Blockbuster awards! I guess I love seeing people win shit, plus it's a babe-fest of unparalleled magnitude. My choice for babe of night for Oscars 2006- Jessica Alba. As terrible an actress as she is, if Jessica Alba were president she would be Baberaham Lincoln- shwing! (this blog is already degenerating- must...maintain...focus!)

I joined in the show a little late, so I missed the animation category awards. Was great to hear that Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit won for best feature, though for me it was a pick-em between that and Howl's Moving Castle. They are totally different kinds of films, so it came down to personal preference. Granted, Howl's isn't Miyazaki's greatest film. But, what is?

Other than that, the show was unusually tight and solid. I think what made the difference was the idea to play music over everyone's acceptance speech. It put the pressure on everyone to keep it brief, a merciful gesture. A great acceptance speech can be really inspiring, but thanking every soul on the planet and your lawyer is tedious maximus.

John Stewart was a witty host and had me belly laughing a lot. That M. Night Whatshisbutt commercial reminded me of my life- trying to find time to dream, table for one, blah blah blah (though he is turning out to be quite the hack in spite of The Sixth Sense). Great to see an upset winner of Best Picture- even Jack was thinking "holy shit" when he read it off. But, I've been so busy that I honestly didn't see most of the movies up for the big prizes. Want to see Capote, kind of want to see Brokeback (already sick of the homophobic frat-boy jokes like "I really love that dude, but not in a Brokeback way", har-dee-har), and am ashamed for still not seeing Murderball. Other than that, another year, another hooray for us award season in Hollywood draws to a close. See you next year!


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