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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Adding It Up: A Pop Zeus Page Count

So I spent part of the weekend breaking down all the story ideas I have so far. I'm trying to figure out how many pages Pop Zeus should be. For a reason I no longer remember, comic books normally have a page count in multiples of 8. Most issues of Logjam were 24 pages, the standard single issue page count for a comic (although the big boys like Marvel have ads and other crap to fill up the space, whereas my comics are chock full of art, no filler). But, it's looking like Pop Zeus will be at least 32 pages, depending on which stories get dropped or added. Here is the rough estimate page breakdown as I see it so far...

(censored for your spoiler protection)

GBV MVP profiles- 6 pages
Secret Origin of GBV- 3 pages
My GBV Experience (in 3 parts)
-Enlightenment- 3 pages?
-The Search for the Holy Grail- 3 to 4 pages?
-The end of GBV- 3 pages?
Illustrated Song- 3 to 5 pages
Bob Story- 3 pages?
Fun Page- 1 page
Cross Section- 1 page
Illustrated Song Part Deux- 1 to 3 pages
Possible 3rd Illustrated Song- 1 to 3 pages
Fake Comic Ads- 3 to 6 pages?
Out of the Mind of ????- 1 page

Total estimate: 40ish pages

This is good news for you all (and ultimately what will be best for the comic), but bad news for me and my right hand! The quickest I've ever drawn a 24 page comic was a month and a half, and it nearly killed me (working full time simultaneously). At one point, I was hoping to have some collaborators on Pop Zeus, but that seems to have dried up. Leave me a comment if you are interested, I will investigate. Either way, it should be a lot of fun hard work and to have all the ideas mapped out like this is exciting!

Keep looking up! Hoy Hoy Hoy!


Blogger gorjus said...

Wow! What a great idea. I have some very, very rudimentary cartooning skills--and a love of Alien Lanes. Check out my stuff + mail me if'n ya want.

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a GBV freak and loyal Postal Blowfish (that's where I heard about this project), I am VERY psyched. I enjoyed your earlier GBV depictions. I'd love to see Pop Zeus be as long and big as possible (sorry, I know that's cruel to your right hand)! Chuck everything into it, like Uncle Bob would!

-Wylde Bill

12:51 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Thanks gorjus and Wylde Bill! I think I will start with the ideas I like the most and take it from there. I also am pushed by wanting it to be completed in a timely fashion so you all won't have to wait forever!

11:44 PM


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