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Monday, February 06, 2006

So, What Happened to Logjam?

Logjam was the comic book I created, wrote, drew and self-published for 6 years. I really had no idea where the comic was going when I started issue #0 back in 1996. That issue ended up being a stand alone that eventually tied into the main storyline that began with issue #1. The plot, which I had decided to make up as I went along, sort of a tapping into the subconscious thing, had a tendency to meander and was more than a little unfocused at times. But I am still proud of the work and especially proud of the accolades and response I got to the first issue.

Asking Bob Pollard if Guided By Voices could be a part of the comic seemed a logical extension of Logjam's main plotline about a grade school teacher in a small town. And it was so awesome that Bob was so welcoming and inclusive. Soon, Todd Robinson at Luna Music in Indianapolis added Logjam to their roster of GBV stuff and sales started to take off. I took my show on the road, attending alternative comic conventions on both coasts which was really fun and a great learning experience. And I am so grateful to Bob, Todd and everyone in the GBV family who helped me along the way.

Since then I decided to abandon the project, something which I never do. But when the idea hit me to do a real Guided By Voices comic and a million other cool ideas started to flow out of me for other comic book projects, I knew Logjam's time was up. Plus I had an oil painting to finish for my brother, a belated wedding gift. I finished the painting before the holidays and Pop Zeus was put on the front burner.

So Logjam was put to bed so that Pop Zeus could come to life! I have shut down but all the art and stuff from the site is still here in my little computer and will be a part of my future regular website. Below is a photo of the painting I did for my brother, Dave and his wife. Take it easy!


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