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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Some Say That's Progress

Just wanted to give you folks a quick status update on how Pop Zeus is coming along. As mentioned below, the collecting of ideas, source materials and final drafting is going really smoothly, full steam ahead. Having a solid base of ideas to work from is making the writing easy- just a matter of getting it all down. I estimate that I'm about a quarter of the way through the final writing, maybe more.

And as I write, I am already accumulating images in my mind so the thumbnailing should come just as easily (thumbnails are the tiny drawings that the comic book panels are eventually based on- drawing the panels really small helps to nail the compositions while keeping the spontaneity of the final full sized panels intact).

As I blogged (is that a word yet?) earlier, this weekend I have been focusing on the My GBV experience three part section of Pop Zeus. It's really the heart and soul of Pop Zeus, I think. And to be honest, as easy as it's been to recall all the details and write it all out, the actual process of dredging up those days gone by has been tough. The first part, tentatively called Enlightenment, takes place in my post art-school days slumming back in New Jersey. I was eating some major humble pie once again living with my Dad in the home I grew up in. Those two years spent in limbo were both really fun, with little or no responsibilities, and really sad, feeling like my life was going nowhere fast.

But far more difficult to get through was the second section called The Search For The Holy Grail. Remembering and logging the year I finally left home for parts unknown with my soon-to-be girlfriend was at first fun, but soon I was stirring up the pot on some painful memories of that time. Along with the cross-country search for Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer, those months were more importantly spent opening myself up to a girl in a way I had never had before. But there was a little dark cloud growing in my mind, a sense of the collapse that would eventually come to pass. That loss reverberates to this day, so to recall its origins is not fun. It's not only a reminder of what an awesome time I had back then and since have not even come close to, but its also a clear reminder of the mistakes I made and how the seeds of my trouble were planted from the beginning. Rough stuff.

Well, that's it for now. Will get back to the fake ads that I'm noodling with on my work computer tomorrow- found some cool fonts online that will allow me to alter the ads with ease. And I will blog again soon. Excelsior!


Blogger Scottish Toodler said...

I had a nervous breakdown in 1992. The anniversary is Saturday. Usually I hate this time of year, but the world is so screwed up right now it has made me kind of move on in some weird way that even 9/11 didn't. I hope the same for you.

10:46 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Take care of yourself this weekend, scottish toodler. I can't imagine what going through a nervous breakdown must be like. I tend to go the other direction- total numb shutdown, systems crash.

Creeping up on a painful anniversary myself in May and there seems to be nothing to do but put your head down and keep trudging through. Time really does heal all wounds, I suppose- some just seem to take a lot longer.

Events in the larger world certainly does put things into perspective, though I avoid the news like the plague. ;)

Take care!

11:15 PM


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