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Friday, March 17, 2006

Insightful GBV Interview Circa 1994

Been reviewing all biographical type materials for the Brief Visual History of Guided By Voices section of Pop Zeus. Want to focus on the more interesting and fun moments to illustrate rather than rehashing the tried and true history replicated many times before (primarily in Hunting Accidents and Watch Me Jumpstart). But, in doing the research, I remembered an article I saved from a while ago that had some very insightful and funny thoughts from the entire band. It originally appeared in Wind-Up Toy magazine #3, April 1994. Highlights include...

Robert: But I'm Robert Pollard, this is Mitch..
Mitch: Mitch Mitchell.
Jim: Jim Pollard.
Robert: Jim Pollard, my brother.
Liz: And how long have you known Jim?
Jim: Since birth, I believe.

Robert: Well, mostly, I've taught fourth grade for about eight years now, but before that I taught different grades.
Liz: In public school?
Robert: Public school, in Dayton.
Liz: Do the kids know that you're a musician?
Robert: They know. I used to.. before they knew, before, we got a couple of things written on recently in the Dayton paper, in the local papers, now they end up reading it, their parents.. Before I used to take them stuff "Hey, man, here's our stuff! Lemme play this for you..." and I'd put it on, some kids'd get up and jump around a little bit, some kids'd be "uugh, that's terrible" and pretty soon they'd all get bored, but it wouldn't take long before that..

Robert: It's not really, it doesn't mean anything, it's neat, and it's like something neat to look at or listen to. And the words, you know, the lyrics and stuff, sometimes you have to look at it, you gotta write it down to see if it looks cool. A lot of the same kind of letters, a lot of "o"s or whatever. An "x" here and there. Certain words like "kick", I love the word "kick". What were some of the words that we said were cool? Double-consonant "g"s?
Mitch: Double-entendres. (laughs)
Robert: "Witch", "witch" is a good word...
Mitch: "Zoo"
Robert: "Zoo" is a great word. There are certain words we like, we use them a lot. Oh, "moon", we love "moon". "Giant moon", "moon balloon", we love the word "moon".

Lots of great stuff in there for the comic. Check out the full article here!


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