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Friday, July 14, 2006

My Valuable Hunting Knife Video

It's Friday so let's rock, let's rock today! Here is the vintage 1995 video for My Valuable Hunting Knife which utilizes the kick-ass full band handclaps version of the song off of the amazing Tigerbomb EP. I distinctly remember taping this video on my ole 4-head VCR back in the day in its likely only appearance on Mtv's 120 Minutes program. The imagery is a bit cheesy at times but overall its a pretty cool video. Things to watch for include appearances by the entire 1995 lineup of the band including Jim Greer, Bob rummaging through the Snakepit (maybe?) for junk to put in his wagon, Bob's American flag Chuck Taylors (prompting college-age me to get a pair), and a 7" getting some serious loft as it sails over the Great Miami River...


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