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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Robert Pollard Projects For Late 2006 And Beyond - Updated!

(studio photos courtesy of Matt Davis and

Wanted to update y'all and remind myself as to what the future holds in the realm of Robert Pollard recordings. This year has already seen the release of 4 albums that I can think of. And Bob willing, there should be at least 4 more before 2007! Ch-check it out...

Psycho and the Birds EP "Check Your Zoo"
(Fading Captain Series. Release date late July 21st!)
Follow up to "All That Is Holy", newly recorded in April 2006. Yet more scratchy Bob boombox demos with Todd Tobias instrumentals layered over top.

Robert Pollard "Normal Happiness" (formerly "Full Sun", "Gasoline Ragtime" and "You Were Saying?". Merge Records. Official release date- October 10th!)
Bob's second solo album with Merge is in the can and is supposedly a happier, poppier record than From A Compound Eye. It was of course another collaboration with the mighty Todd Tobias. And the details for a Normal Happiness tour are being worked out. Rumor has it 6 or 7 shows in a row in October and then 6 or 7 shows in a row in November and that's it, centering around the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast (no SF show for me this time, bummer). The official tracklisting is...

01 The Accidental Texas Who
02 Whispering Whip
03 Supernatural Car Lover (heard on the Bob tour)
04 Boxing About (heard on the Bob tour and as an instrumental track on the Music For Bubble EP)
05 Serious Birdwoman (You Turn Me On) (heard on the Bob tour)
06 Get a Faceful (heard on the Bob tour)
07 Towers and Landslides
08 I Feel Gone Again (heard on the Bob tour)
09 Gasoline Rag
10 Rhoda Rhoda
11 Give up the Grape
12 Pegasus Glue Factory
13 Top of My Game
14 Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day
15 Join the Eagles
16 Full Sun (Dig the Slowness)

(fake cover created by Moonchief on DTS)

Circus Devils - Two as yet untitled albums
(Fading Captain Series. Tentative release dates late October 2006?)
The fifth in the Halloween-bound Circus Devils album cycle will be released later this year, according to Todd Tobias' page. And there will be another Circus Devils LP released in the UK- confirmed! Prolific is an understatement!

The Takeovers "Bad Football"
(Fading Captain Series? Tentative release date early 2007?)
Another pop collaboration with former GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko. Rumor has it that Stephen Malkmus, formerly of indie rock legends Pavement will appear. The last Takeovers album "Turn To Red" is my absolute favorite Pollard project these days. So I'm already chomping at the bit. Hoo-hah!

Robert Pollard "Hello Forever" (tentative title)
(Merge Records? Tentative release date- 2007?)
Studio sessions for this one were just completed in June! What this sounds like, only the future will tell (the Heed and RichT ain't budging). It has been described by Bob as "one of the more harder rocking albums" he's put out in a while. Plus it's been leaked that the Psycho And The Bird's track The Killers will be on "Hello Forever" as well (more fully fleshed out, one presumes)!


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