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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Waved Out Collages By Robert Pollard On Ebay

As you may have guessed, I have been extremely busy in the last few weeks (months?). Work has been ramping up as we approach the end of the season (39 episodes this time around, as compared to 26 last season). Plus, my dad was visiting from New Jersey over the Thanksgiving week. So getting around to blog posting has been tough.

But today, I saw this interesting news item that I knew could make a nice quick blog post. Robert Pollard is yet again auctioning off some original collage album artwork on eBay. And this time, one of my favorite Bob albums and album covers are represented!

Waved Out, Robert Pollard's second solo album released in 1998, is a dark and hard rocking classic. The legendary tunes Make Use, Subspace Biographies (in my personal top 5 Bob songs), People Are Leaving and Steeple Of Knives are all in the mix. And I loved everything about the record immediately upon release, including the dynamic cover art.

And now you can own a piece of rock history as both the front AND back cover collages are up for auction! Already too rich for my blood (why, oh why did I go to art school, forever dooming myself to poverty and calls from the bank?) but hey, maybe you out there might be the lucky so and so to win this amazing collection of original art.

Good luck with the auction folks and I should be back soon with my NYC show review!


Blogger Mike said...

Since your my best friend, you should buy it for me. You blew it on the Mag Earwhig! auction.

5:27 PM

Blogger Phil said...

what can I say? Paypal is no longer my pal, the credit card companies are busting down my door with a battering ram... you'd think an internationally known artiste like myself would be using cash to get his fireplace started! ;)

11:07 AM


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