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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Last Of The No-Hit Wonders - Guided By Voices MP3 Live Bootleg

The invaluable Guided By Voices Database, loving crafted and cared for by DTS's own Moonchief, is now hosting a nearly complete bootleg GBV live show, The Last Of The No-Hit Wonders! The concert was taped at the Mercury in Austin, Texas during 2001's powerful Isolation Drills tour. And the taper has since misplaced the original minidisc, so these MP3s are the only remaining source. This is a good thing, allowing the hosting of said MP3s to be officially approved. So download with impunity and enjoy this slice of classic Geebs live goodness! Rare tracks include Sing It Out, Settlement Down, I'm Dirty (!), and Far-Out Crops. Thanks GBVDB!


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