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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Updated! - Acid Ranch's "The Great Houdini Wasn't So Great" Is Sold Out!

(Don't say I didn't warn you! The Great Houdini Wasn't So Great is in fact great and officially sold out. Surprisingly, the 500 copies only took a couple days longer to sell out than the unique covers of As Forever. I'm sorry if you missed the opportunity to pick this one up. Perhaps it will be reprinted but I wouldn't count on it. The only Rockathon/Prom Is Coming/Fading Captain releases to get a second vinyl run were Kid Marine and Relaxation Of The As*hole...)

As reported in an earlier post, Acid Ranch's latest LP "The Great Houdini Wasn't So Great" is the first Robert Pollard release of 2007, now available for ordering through Rockathon Records! There is some urgency since its a limited edition of 500 vinyl copies only. Plus the previous two Acid Ranch albums have yet to be re-released or available in any other format, so get yours before they're gone. The tracklisting for The Great Houdini is as follows...

Wayne Saw It
Lie To The Rainbow
Pure Hot Tar
I Wanna Go
The Kind Of Thing I Like To Talk About
You're Talkin’ Brotherly Love And You Set My Hand On Fire
Feeling Is
The Invincible Dart Throwing Competition
Contemplate The Sun
Chemical Fun In The Sun

Go Away
The Pain Stakes
Which Way To Run
Comp No. X
Lower Lords
Wee Wee Wah Wah
It's Weird What The People Say
Oh, Siren
Not Version
....We'll Be Serving Coffee And Doughnuts
Wind & Whistle

Acid Ranch is one of Bob's pre-Guided By Voices projects consisting of Bob, his brother Jimmy and Mitch Mitchell messing around in their respective basements, creating some fun and primitive lowest-fi rock. Previous Acid Ranch releases include such gems as Supersonic Love Funky Love Gun, Song Of Love, Beautiful Plastic, Dungeon Of Drunks, and Star Sprinkled Banner. So its a worthy addition to any self-respecting Bob fan's collection, for reals. And just look at that cover (Bob, Bob Sr. and Kevin Fennell, left to right)- worth the price of admission alone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kid Marine got a second vinyl pressing. And, some of the vinyl-only FCS releases were later issued on CD (despite earlier claims that they wouldn't be).

12:21 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Was aware of the cd reissues of the vinyl albums, cause I have them all. ;) But the second printing of KM is just my lazy assumption without research. Sometimes relying on memory alone doesn't cut it.

Thanks for catching my goof and keep checking back!

10:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this acid ranch scam really sucks, it is just an attempt to fuck the loyal fans by selling them to ebay sellers. i have lost a lot of respect for the whole operation for this obvious ripoff scam. shame on you gbv and co. your're fucking the very people who have supported you all these years.

4:01 AM

Blogger Phil said...

I hear your frustration and I'm sorry you missed out. But a "scam"? As an artist who has had to pay up-front costs for the printing of my comics, I know full well the trials and tribulations of hitting that magic number, trying to anticipate potential sales. I'm still sitting on boxes of comics that aren't making me any money. If the decision was made by Bob and co. to press 500 Acid Ranch's, I'm sure it was because they thought that would be enough to satisify the relatively low demand for obscure side projects like this and still sell them all eventually (there have been many Pollard side projects limited to 500 vinyl copies). The fact that it sold out in a few days was probably not anticipated. But as an independently funded artist, it is better to press and sell out 500 then to make 1000 and sell only 650.

And Bob doesnt make one thin dime off of speculators selling stuff on Ebay. Doesnt make sense that he would do that intentionally, nor burn his fan base intentionally. When you buy something, you are free to sell it on Ebay, use it as a frisbee, whatever. Impossible to control that. And stuff is only worth what people are willing to pay for it, hence why I dont and cant afford to buy stuff on Ebay (like all the amazing Bob art up for auction). Sure it sucks, but what can you do?

The best thing is to try to stay aware of whats going on and jump on the opportunities to buy stuff on the day of release... or at least within a few days. And there is still a slim chance for a reprint...

11:09 PM


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