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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From A Compound Eye Original Art On Ebay

Sorry for the extended absence. Been on a topsy-turvy emotional roller coaster the last few weeks (not to mention another couple of earthquakes including a 4.3), unfortunately concerning events I can't discuss in a public forum like this. But the good news is that as my current freelance job is winding down or more accurately screeching to a halt (done in April after 3+ years!), I have boatloads of free time for Pop Zeus, blog posting... all kinds of fun stuff. And my energy level is slowly returning back to normal, just in time for my official black belt test in April. Nice.

So anyway, it has come to my attention that the amazing cover art for Robert Pollard's 2006 stunner From A Compound Eye is up on the auction block! Never thought this one would be made available, especially only a year after its release. It is my favorite Robert Pollard solo album cover without a doubt- a creepily great photo of Bob with translucent yellow and green paper over top. And would you believe its only 2 by 2 inches?

And to top it off, the auction winner will get the photo collage back cover and the CD label art, which was apparently taken from a 1939 board game called Gold Metal. Go check out the eBay auction page for all the details and specs.

Don't blow your chance to own a piece of rock history- who knows when these auctions will end. And this certainly is one of the finer pieces thus far. Cheers and I'll be back!


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