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Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey New Yorkers - Go See American Cannibal This Weekend!

American Cannibal, a hilarious documentary about reality television, is opening this weekend in selected cities- namely New York, Austin and Los Angeles (check the comments below for LA showtimes). And our favorite axe-man Doug Gillard (with help from Kevin March) composed and recorded over 20 songs for the film! If enough of you lucky mugs in the Tri-State Area go check out the movie, it will get wider distribution and the rest of us will get to see it in theaters. So what are you waiting for? American Cannibal is playing at the Cinema Village in my old stomping grounds- 22 East 12th Street, Manhattan at 1pm, 3:05pm, 5:10pm, 7:20pm, and 9:30pm. Support this film, denizens of the Big Apple!


Anonymous AMG said...

Thanks for this entry, kind sir! Btw, here is the information for the Los Angeles area screenings that begin today (16 March):

Edwards Westpark Cinema 8
3755 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92614 Map
Showtimes: 1:40pm | 4:40pm | 7:40pm | 10:00pm

8:29 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Cool- hopefully Doug fans down in the LA area will also be enjoying the film this weekend! And thank you for your continued support of Pop Zeus, AMG! :)

2:03 PM


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