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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Guided By Voices Video Smorgasbord - Some Drinking Implied Edition

With the blessing of manager extraordinaire and all around swell guy Rich T, I have uploaded Guided By Voices music videos from Rockathon Records' own Some Drinking Implied DVD to YouTube! The DVD itself is chock full of rare vintage live performances, in studio footage, narration by GBV "mascot" Geo, and even Bob's homemade high school horror movie "Wild People". Every self respecting GBV fan should have a copy.

That said, I thought it would be cool to add to the available Guided By Voices music videos with these rarely seen late 80's-90's clips. So here they all are with my blah blah blah commentary. Rock on!..

Particular Damaged

(Unusual song choice for a video- not the most well known or beloved track off the mighty Propeller LP. But I really enjoy the animated boxers and wrestlers from the Propeller sleeve- similar to animations from The Official Ironmen Rally Song video. And its also fun to see the early 90's configuration of GBV clowning around at the end.)

Weed King

(Epic song, strange video. One of my favorite tracks off Propeller and one of GBV's best songs ever. The video starts and ends rather creepily, but sandwiched in the middle is some cool fast forwarded footage of Bob, Demos, Sprout, Jim Pollard and others heading down to the basement to record. Is that Billy Baloney on the mic? And what's up with that silly dude with chickens on his hands?)

Why Did You Land?

(Classic track with an appropriately energetic and fun video. Amazing that this live staple never saw its way onto an album. Yet again, love the band performance and studio footage, the cheerleader/spider/old guys standing around the car footage not so much. Actually its mostly the old guys that I have a beef with- kinda boring. But the inserts do give the clip some variety.)

Chief Barrel Belly

(This is without a doubt my favorite video of the bunch. Underrated track from Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia, cool video of the band hanging about for a photo shoot, I believe. The part with Bob, Tobin Sprout and Mitch Mitchell looking uncomfortable in closeup is especially endearing. "He said love is the one thing we thing we needed in this world to be happy"- indeed.)

Scalding Creek

(Love this video too. Scalding Creek is a pretty hilarious choice- obscure but great tune from the Get Out Of My Stations EP. Very effective and evocative use of some really great black and white still shots of the band, most of which I've never seen anywhere else. And I've always loved that cover photo from the EP of the sunbeam coming into the basement.)


Anonymous steve said...

Great dvd - 'Wild People' always makes me smile - "Rednuts", heheh.

5:16 AM


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