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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Circle Saw Boys Club And Silverfish Trivia Cover Unleashed!

Update! Silverfish Trivia, in both the popular CD and unpopular LP formats, is now available for pre-order from Rockathon Records! And if you place your order before April 9th, you should get your music on or before the release date of April 17th. The buzz about Silverfish Trivia is very strong, already touted as one of Bob's solo best. So don't sleep on this one, rock fans around the tight globe!

Circle Saw Boys Club, the jaw-dropping first single off of Robert Pollard upcoming mini-LP Silverfish Trivia is available for download right this very minute! What a song! Those of us who caught Bob and the Ascended Masters on their winter tour are already quite familiar with the tune. But to hear it fully realized, with Todd Tobias' layered goodness- oh man, Silverfish Trivia is gonna be sweet. And check out that album cover- puts me in the mind of A Clockwork Orange or Un Chien Andalou. It may already be my favorite solo cover. Bob did describe Silverfish Trivia as "much more somber and strange" and he wasn't kidding!

Look for the rest of Silverfish Trivia on April 17th from Prom Is Coming Records, Bob's personal label. And for more information on the album, check my recent upcoming releases post here...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Circle Saw Boys Club is ridiculously great

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