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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crickets And Austin City Limits Available For Pre-Order! (Updated Again!)

(Update Dos- If you didn't pre-order the Austin City Limits DVD or CD, it is readily available right now at a Best Buy (or any other major music retailer) near you. The Best Buy near me had at least 3 of them on the release day, May 15th...)

(Update- due to a manufacturing error on the Crickets deluxe booklet, shipping for this CD has been delayed for 7 to 10 days, probably arriving toward the end of the month. But Austin City Limits is right on schedule. Just thought you pre-order folks might want to know!)

Newsflash! Crickets "The Best Of The Fading Captain Series" and Guided By Voices' appearance on Austin City Limits are now available for pre-order from Luna Music, home of the Fading Captain Series and Indianapolis' most excellent record shop! They should ship together, reaching your domestic mailbox in time for the May 15th release date.

To refresh your memory, Crickets is a double CD 50 track best-of collection, wrapping up Robert Pollard's long standing side project label. Early word is that the song selection is amazing, making Crickets the ultimate obscuro Pollard mix tape. And don't forget about those 6 unreleased tracks, some possibly from the Silverfish Trivia sessions...

And there is good news and there is bad news about the Austin City Limits DVD. The good news is that there is indeed not only a DVD, but also a two CD set of the full 30 song set from Guided By Voices late 2003 TV appearance! The bad news is that the CD set is not included with the DVD as reported earlier. You have to purchase them separately. It was wishful thinking that we would get that much music for free. But who could complain with this bounty of GBV riches to look forward to?

And I would like to take a paragraph to personally thank Luna Music- especially the tri-titans of rawk Todd, Matt, and Jason. Not only has Luna been one-stop-shopping for Geebs superfans like myself for nearly a decade and not only have they created a home for all of Robert Pollard's most arcane and bizarre musical musings, but they whole heartedly supported my humble little funny books (namely Logjam) from the word go. Without their patronage, a bridge to the GBV fan base, Pop Zeus would not exist. So please keep supporting Luna Music. And thanks again from the bottom of my heart- we love you right back, Luna!


Blogger XRayLexx said...

Wish we knew the tracklisting for Crickets. Why is it a "secret"?

Im dissapointed the CD of Austin live doesnt come with the DVD.

6:49 AM

Blogger Phil said...

I think the Crickets tracklist is a secret just for fun. A lot of fans make a point to avoid "spoilers" anyway. And the folks at Luna decided to harken back to the old days before teh internet and not spoil the tracklist. It certainly is making me more excited than I might otherwise be (not that my excitement wouldn't be scary to most normal humans anyway).

Yeah, paying more for the CD is not surprising but disappointing for sure. My wallet is taking a big hit this month. But it will all be worth it and a distant memory when the stuff arrives!

Thanks for hanging out, lexx!

12:12 AM


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