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Thursday, May 17, 2007

33 1/3 Bee Thousand Book Party - June 9th In Brooklyn

Oy! There is so much awesome Bob Pollard and Guided By Voices news to report today, I got my work cut out for me. Let's get started, shall we?

So first up on the calendar (and therefore first priority) is a party for the 33 1/3 book dedicated to the Guided By Voices classic Bee Thousand! It will be thrown at Don Pedro's in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn in just three weeks, Saturday June 9th. Sadly for yours truly, that is the exact date of my black belt test. So please, those of you in the tri-state area (especially my brethren in New Jersey), live it up (before you pass away) for me at this amazing party!

Not only will you get a peep at the short film "Or Something Like That", inspired by three Bee Thousand songs and assembled by master collagist Lewis Klahr. And not only will you bear witness to "Gold Star For Robot Boy", a "live theatrical extravaganza" by Fovea Floods and John Chambers. Additionally, not only will you see varied performances of Bee Thousand songs by the likes of Rick Moody & Nina Katchadourian, Brent Gordon and The Invert String Quartet (as heard on Silverfish Trivia) and even you, you crazy bastard, if you sign up. But the capper is that Robert Pollard and GBV legend Tobin Sprout themselves will be in attendance (not performing mind you)!

So what are you waiting for lucky hipster denizens of Brooklyn (with your complicated glasses and fancy haircuts... or is that fancy glasses and complicated haircuts?), bridge and tunnelers from Jersey and Connecticut, and trust fund hippies in Manhattan? Go check the flyer for more details... and mark yr calendars!


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