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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pop Zeus MVPs Revealed! #1- Tobin Sprout

There have been upwards of 50 members of Guided By Voices over the bands 21 year existence. So along with a brief history of the band, I wanted to highlight outstanding GBV players in a special and fun section of the comic. There will be only be 6 or so MVPs featured in Pop Zeus, which is not to diminish the contributions of every single band member over the years. They have all rocked. But it was hard to resist creating a GBV "dream team" with so many talents to choose from.

The first MVP revealed is Tobin Sprout. Not only was Tobin one of the key contributing members of GBV over the years, but he has had an amazing solo musical career and an entirely separate artistic life as a primarily photo-realistic painter. Renaissance man, indeed!

Highlights of his GBV years include major contributions to classic 90's albums like Bee Thousand and Propeller, brilliant collaborative one on one work with Bob Pollard on Vampire On Titus and Tonics And Twisted Chasers, creating the signature lo-fi GBV sound on his basement 4-track and the penning of classic tunes like Awful Bliss, Gleemer and Mincer Ray.

It's hard to imagine someone more deserving of the MVP moniker than Tobin Sprout!


Anonymous Steve said...

I love Tobin's appearance at the Electrifying Conclusion show, singing harmony on "14 Cheerleader Coldfront". You see Bob's face just light up with pleasure, it's a great joyous GbV moment and a fitting tribute to Toby's collaboration.
(MvP! MvP! MvP!)

4:47 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Indeed! And hearing Tobin open for GBV with his own band the night before was a pleasure beyond words. Thanks for stopping by!

9:38 AM


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