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Monday, May 01, 2006

I Gotta Get Myself Organizized

Tough weekend, morale low. Didn't really get much headway on Pop Zeus over the last 3 days, even with the best intentions to do so. On Friday, I kind of hit a wall with the writing when I went out to my usual cafe. The new ideas I'm working on (the 2nd and 3rd Illustrated Songs) are not quite fully baked yet. They haven't had nearly as much time to stew as the rest (the back-burner stewing of ideas is an essential part of the process for me). So I hit an impasse.

And I also realized that I wasn't sure where to go next in general- organization was lacking. I am hitting the design/thumbnailing stage and the stuff I need to do is scattered throughout the Grail Diary. Getting some lists drawn up to figure out what exactly needs to get done was my next mission.

Plus, I usually don't draw when in public. I will probably be able to get some thumbnailing (little drawings of each page, for a general sense of the story flow and panel layout) done in the Diary when I'm out. But full scale character or prop designing in my sketchbook will draw a lot of attention, something I've spent a lot of my life trying to avoid (naturally shy). In my experience, drawing in public always invites strangers to peer over your shoulder and ask what you are doing which defeats the purpose of working in public. Also, I draw best when I am relaxed. Feeling like people are watching me is slightly unnerving to say the least. You should see some of the looks I get just for just writing! (anyone out there feeling me?)

So I returned home defeated in time to watch one of my favorite new time-wasting reality shows Can't Get A Date. There is something cruel about that show being on late Friday nights. But I guess they are hitting their target audience, namely me!

Was wiped out from oversleep, class and stress from the week on Saturday so that was kind of a wash- could barely get up out of bed that evening. It really pisses me off to sacrifice a day on the weekend because of what happens during the week. Sunday was a little better- more energy and it was beautiful out. Got some progress on my list-making organizing stuff, which will help me move forward.

So once more into the day job breach, dear brothers. To quote Bob: "I don't like work and I don't like school and I don't like when you have to do shit you don't wanna do. You can tell your fuckin' boss I said fuck you from me, Bob Pollard".

Someday Bob, someday!


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