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Monday, April 10, 2006

Pop Zeus Photo Safari

Welcome to the working week, sad friends. Finally had a semi-sunny Saturday here in the Bay Area (March had 25 out of 31 days of rain!) so I took my dog out on a hike, then went to grab some grub and work on Pop Zeus. Used the time to transfer into my journal the GBV gear info I've gathered for the Guided By Voices MVP section. And last night I took a snapshot of The Grail Diary, as I call it. This journal compiles all the writing and info for Pop Zeus into one place so if I lose it, I am screwed! (I'd be so sad if I lost it, he he)

It's just about full so I may have to get a second one going soon. I also wanted to show you all what my half-crazed chicken scratch looks like- pictured below are pages from the Bob Story section of the comic. Glean what you can from it (including my pajama bottoms and sock)!

After a few hours at the cafe on Saturday, the daylight was waning so I dashed out to take some reference photos for the comic. Been meaning to do it for a while, and I was pretty bored on Saturday so I figured, why not. It's super helpful to use as much photo reference as I can, especially on things like buildings, cars, guitars- pretty much anything that I can't draw from life. But, I'll leave it up to you to figure out which sections of Pop Zeus each photo is for! First I zipped over to Amoeba on Haight and took some lovely photos of the exterior of the former bowling alley.

Then I sauntered inside to shop around a little (the new Morrissey album is out but I will have to wait until my funds are replenished). Eventually got up the courage to ask at the info desk if I could take some snapshots of the inside and stage area. They were cool with it, so I did and no one really noticed.

Then I chugged over to Tower Records on the corner of Columbus and Bay to snap some picture of the exterior and sneak a bunch of shots of the inside, including the vinyl rack.

Finally I walked over to Bimbo's just down the block to take some photos of the exterior and the cool neon sign. I almost got run over by a cab as I was crossing the street, which was really odd considering I had the walk signal. Something seems wrong about the light timing on that corner but it was not my day to die, thankfully.

So there you have it- a small sampling of photo reference for Pop Zeus. See you on the other side!


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