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Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Robert Pollard Side Project MP3s!

Excited to report that three awesome and brand new MP3s have been uploaded to Robert Pollard's official website, one from each of May's upcoming side projects!

The first one is "Hello Forever" from Psycho and the Birds' (Bob and Todd Tobias) "All That Is Holy"- a lovely and lush mellotron-laden ballad with indecipherable lyrics. I love it- creepy and melodic!

The second is "Fairly Blacking Out" from The Takeovers' (Bob and Chris Slusarenko plus others) "Turn To Red". This kick-ass rocker is my favorite of the three- the spoken middle verse, the tambourine and bizarro guitar (?) solo- wow!

The final is "Death of the Party" from The Keene Brothers' (Bob Keene and Tommy Keene) "Blues and Boogie Shoes". This is some weep-worthy pop- brilliantly produced, beautifully played and sensitively sung melodies. I can't wait to hear how the rest of this one sounds!

I am officially crawling out of skin with excitement over these new projects! It's hard to imagine a more amazing crop of MP3s dropped in a single day. More official info on these projects can be found on the News page and check out the Sounds page for even more great solo Bob MP3s- including my favorites the Gold demo, You're Not The Queen Anymore, and the Perfect This Time demo.

Another update tomorrow with Pop Zeus reference photos from all around San Francisco!


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