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Monday, April 03, 2006

Great Doug Gillard Interview from 2002

Read many interviews and articles over the last few weeks for the Guided By Voices history section of Pop Zeus. Although Bob was often the focus of the media's attention, the other members of GBV always had something interesting and funny to say when interviewed. One of the best I found was an interview with Doug Gillard by the Stone Pony Online Newsletter back in 2002 (the Pony holds a special place in my heart as a son of the Jersey Shore, born and raised). It was the Universal Truths And Cycles era and GBV was still going full steam ahead. Here are some of the cooler quotes from the article...

The Stone Pony: Can you share how you first met Bob Pollard, and what led to your becoming a member of the group. Were you aware of Guided By Voices' music before you joined the band?
Doug Gillard: No, I wasn't. Bob was walking past this Journey cover band I was in at the Ohio State Fair, stopped, and wanted me to play leads in his band. I wondered what on earth Guided By Voices could be, but he promised me they had a following. Now this was about mid '96. He told me to trim the mullet, lose the Jheri curls, and get some Converse. I fell in love with the music instantly, and it reminded me that I used to have Beatles records before Night Ranger and Vandenberg took over in my formative years.

The Stone Pony: When you're as prolific as GbV has been, is there ever any concern about following-up the success of an album with something stronger, or different?
DG: Not having a top-40 hit certainly keeps that pressure away!! F*ck success - who wants that? No, but we have achieved success - time after time, year after year. We never have worried about the follow-up factor. We are not big worriers. We're warriors.

Enjoy the full interview here!


Anonymous AMG said...

This is one of my favorite DG interviews. The first quote is, of course, Doug having fun with the interview. However, I've seen this mythical meeting cited as truth in a message board post or two....

Thanks for reposting!

12:37 PM

Blogger Phil said...

I figured that Doug was messing around, but imagining him with jheri curls playing "Open Arms" is hilarious. If only that was the way it happened!

Thanks for stopping by amg!

10:34 PM


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