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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Lost Weekend

Heya! Had a stressful, busy (as usual) and terribly surreal weekend. On the stressful front, the financial difficulties I've been facing are really putting some cracks in my armor, I think. Everything seems to be getting more expensive (my classes, my rent, car repairs) but I'm still making the same dinky amount of money and it's wigging me out. May have to schedule a meeting with my boss to get some more dough a flowing. Had to go to the bank this morning to try to get my ATM card unlocked and get some cash so I can eat. Hopefully I will be able to pay the rent in a couple days. Yeesh!

Plus, it's been a few weeks since I've done anything social besides lunch with coworkers and chatting with the folks at my favorite automat/cafe where I get most of my writing done. I think I'm getting a little lonely and stir crazy, but Pop Zeus is a demanding mistress and I need to keep plugging away.

After my oh-so-fun bank argument on Friday, I slept restlessly and had a pretty weird dream about Bob Pollard. Been immersed in all things GBV (DVD's, interviews, music), so it makes total sense that I would dream about them. Wish I could remember more detail- I tend to forget most of my dreams. I do remember that Bob was on stage in what seemed to be an amphitheater type arena inside of a cruise ship (?). I was in the audience watching the show. And for some reason, Bob was struggling to sing Cheyenne (I remember listening to Cheyenne in the car recently). Suddenly there were all these kids on stage singing the song. And the audience starting singing along too. Strange.

On Saturday, I got some but not much work done on the Guided By Voices history section (subject of an upcoming post). I was sitting in the window of the aforementioned cafe writing away, when out of nowhere some drunk black college guy in warmups and two sorority girls staggered right in front of me, blocking my light and view. Obnoxious though they were, I tried to ignore them hoping they would go away. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that they were doing stupid dancing, like the 'running man', and harassing passers-by but nothing too serious. Then this hip-hop looking white guy came up and was talking to the frat boy, but I figured he was with their group. Next thing you know, three white guys had the black guy in the gutter and were kicking and punching the crap out of him! Keep in mind this was in one of San Francisco's more sedate family neighborhoods. He must have said something stupid to the wrong person, though I question whether he would have been attacked so forcefully had he not been black.

Before long passersby intervened and broke up the battle. In the process, one of the girls got punched in the face and knocked to the gutter. And some poor dude's crappy parked car was dented and a headlight broken. Luckily everyone was relatively alright in the end- the cops getting a cab for the slightly sobered up group, the gang of white guys scattered to the wind.

What I had forgotten was that it's Spring Break right now. I thought there was a higher percentage of assholes out in the streets, but I wasn't sure why (can you hear my eyes rolling?). Good thing I live in peaceful and tolerant San Francisco too, where nothing like this could ever happen, right? (dripping with sarcasm again)

Other than that it was a perfectly normal weekend, heh.


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