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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Drought (Upcoming Robert Pollard Albums)- Updated Again!

Robert Pollard fans are spoiled, without a doubt. It's not enough to just get one proper Guided By Voices or Robert Pollard solo album a year, but we are usually treated to many other side projects along the way, most within Luna Music's Fading Captain Series. A Halloween (Bob's birthday) without a new Circus Devils record just isn't the same. And these albums are by no means throwaways. In fact, the hardcore fans tend to love the "brown nuggets" even more than the big label releases! Some of my all time favorites have been Lexo and The Leapers, Choreographed Man Of War, Nightwalker, Speak Kindly with Doug Gillard and The Moping Swans.

But it's honestly been a while and I am starting to feel the pain. I obtained an advance copy of From A Compound Eye back in February 2005, so that's really the last big project I heard. Granted, 2005 did see the release of Suitcase 2 with 100 new GBV songs, The Moping Swans EP, another Circus Devils, and the Music For Bubble EP. But 2006 has been a dry spell so far, at least for me.

Thankfully, the rest of the year should be amazing as the prolific rock god hits us with at least 4 interesting new projects. Listen up!

(in order of tentative release date)

Psycho and the Birds "All That Is Holy"
(Fading Captain Series. Official release date- May 2nd)
Word from the Dayton Mafia says that this is Bob boombox demos with Todd Tobias instrumentals layered over top. It was recorded last summer and is supposedly akin to a lo-fi Circus Devils.

The Takeovers "Turn To Red"
(Fading Captain Series. Official release date- May 2nd)
Rumor has it that this one is awesome- a rocking, poppy and weird collaboration with former GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko.

The Keene Brothers "Blues And Boogie Shoes"
(Fading Captain Series. Official release date- May 2nd)
Newly recorded (I think) album with Tommy Keene, current lead guitar player with Bob's touring band, The Ascended Masters and legendary pop rocker in his own right.

Robert Pollard "Normal Happiness"
(Merge Records. Official release date- October 10th!)
Bob's second solo album with Merge is in the can and is supposedly a happier, poppier record than From A Compound Eye. It was, of course, another collaboration with the mighty Todd Tobias. Known song titles are...

I'm No Child (heard on the Bob tour)
Boxing About (heard on the Bob tour and as an instrumental on the Music For Bubble EP)
Supernatural Car Lover (heard on the Bob tour)
Get A Faceful (heard on the Bob tour)
Serious Birdwoman, You Turn Me On (heard on the Bob tour)
Towers & Landslides
Accidental Texas Who
Rhoda Rhoda
Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day

Circus Devils
(Fading Captain Series. Tentative release date late October 2006?)
The fifth in the Holloween-bound Circus Devils album cycle will be released later this year, according to Todd Tobias' page. And there will be another Circus Devils LP released in the UK- confirmed! Prolific is an understatement!

Psycho and the Birds EP "Check Your Zoo"
(Fading Captain Series? Tentative release date late 2006?)
Follow up to May 2006's "All That Is Holy", just recorded this month. Yet more Bob boombox demos with Todd Tobias instrumentals layered over top.

The Takeovers "Bad Football"
(Fading Captain Series? Tentative release date 2007?)
Another pop collaboration with former GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko. Hoo-hah!

Robert Pollard "Hello Forever" (tentative title)
(Tentative release date- 2007?)
Demos for the follow-up to the follow-up have already been recorded! Final studio recording to commence in June 2006!What this sounds like, only the future will tell.

Can't wait for the next deluge from Bob!


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